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of the Department of Telecommunications, New Bulgarian University – Sofia, Bulgaria


The issue is a yearbook, one booklet within the volume, as the order is determined by the number of the issued volume.

Included publications were received in the period from 01.09 of the previous calendar year to 31.08 of the current calendar year, as the Yearbook is issued annually in the period 01.09 - 01.10 of the current calendar year.



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Editorial policy


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Assessing the content of the anonymous and independent reviewers:

Anonymous and independent reviewers made an evaluation of the content of the accepted manuscripts, listed for each of the articles in an editorial board's minutes.


Тhe acceptance of submitted manuscripts for publication depends strongly on the reviewers’ recommendations. The publishing of the paper does not mean that the editors are in agreement with the points of view advocated by the authors. The editors reserve the right to edit manuscripts when necessary.



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Yearbook 2018, vol. 5 (“open access”)



Yearbook 2017, vol. 4 (“open access”)

Yearbook 2016, vol. 3 (“open access”)

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Yearbook 2014, vol. 1 (“open access”)