The department of Telecommunications was founded in February 1994. Its faculty and consultants are outstanding specialists from different higher institutions, state and private institutions and companies, directly involved in the development of the telecommunications in the country. The department is training a new generation of telecommunications specialists who can work in a team, who have the knowledge and skills in the area of the latest telecommunications systems and technologies, and are capable of coping with difficult situations and making appropriate managerial decisions. The department of Telecommunications is working in the field of the contemporary standards in the telecommunications systems, technologies and services and in the creation of an experimental academic technological telecommunications park on campus, which will make possible:

• education, practicums and internships, preparation of Master’s and Doctoral theses of the students in the programs of the department as well as students from other NBU majors.
• experimental implementation of new telecommunications technologies in education in collaboration with Bulgarian and foreign companies.
• Providing a basis for scientific and development activities and collaborative research with Bulgarian and foreign universities, organizations and companies.
• Implementation of experimental television, radio and television center for services and promotions of the new telecommunications technologies for the general public, business, administration, etc.


The department has two operational laboratories- Telecommunications I and II.




Department Chair (acting):
Prof. Plamen Tzvetkov, Ph.D.
Building 2, Room 609
tel.: 02/8110 639 ext. 26092
е-mail: ptsvetkov@nbu.bg



Cvetelina Popova, P. Eng.
Tel: 02/8110636 ext. 26162
e-mail: cpopova@nbu.bg

Bilyana Benkova, P. Eng.
Tel: 02/8110609 ext. 26091
e-mail: bbenkova@nbu.bg