Department Chair

Prof. Plamen Tzvetkov, Ph.D.


Academic rank: Professor in Communication and Computer Networks and in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Automation

Scientific and educational degree: PhD in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Automation with specialty in Metrology and Metrological Assurance

Publications: scientific journal and periodicals papers – over 50; conference, and other scientific forums papers in reviewed proceedings – over 60; textbook and manuals – over 10; R&D projects, projects from operational programmes and international projects –30. The citations of the scientific publications are over 80, 20 of which by Scopus and Web of Science papers.

PhD students – 10, 4 of whom with defended PhD dissertations.

Membership in scientific juries for academic positions and scientific degrees – over 20.


Long-term membership in international organisation and programme committees for the following scientific events:
•    International scientific symposium Metrology and Metrological Assurance
•    International conference Automation
•    International scientific conference Challenges in Higher Education and Research in the 21st Century

Areas of professional interests:
•    Measurements in telecommunications
•    Power supply in telecommunication systems
•    System modelling and computer simulation
•    Measurement and assessment of the safety of the electromagnetic fields of mobile and fixed wireless systems
•    Quality assessment and control of the electrical energy provided to the final consumers
•    Electrical measurement
•    Metrology and metrological assurance
•    Data acquisition systems
•    Measurement of parameters of the environment
•    Electrical safety


Hobby and free time occupation: fishing, tourism, travelling to interesting and exotic destinations and countries.


Contact information
Building 2, Room 609
tel.: 02/8110 609
e-mail: ptsvetkov@nbu.bg